Over a decade of real-world personal branding experience delivered in a dynamic and captivating format, Angela leaves audience members transformed while turning their personal brands into sales converting machineS.

Most professionals’ personal brands blend into the scenery because:

  • Their offering is too broad
  • Their content is boring and generic
  • They are afraid to show who they truly are

With rules and regulations from governing bodies, it’s scary to try to stand out.

But blending in is harmful!

It’s time to niche into your mastery to stand out because of what makes you unique:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Passion

The result?

A personal brand that makes sense on first glance and drives sales of what you do best.

unleash sales through your personal brand

Why your Personal Brand on LinkedIn is your #1 Sales Driver

Clients buy what they understand. Clients buy what they respect. What if potential clients didn’t need convincing? Instead they just wanted to know where to sign on the dotted line? That’s the power of creating a clear personal brand and it’s essential for keeping your sales pipeline full.

However, most professional’s personal brands aren’t turning into sales. Why? Most personal brands on LinkedIn are mediocre at best because they:

  • Don’t have a clear content strategy that conveys what they uniquely do
  • They are afraid to stand out so they post generic and boring content

It’s time to fearlessly stand behind what makes you, you, with your personal brand and open the floodgates to gain clients you are passionate about serving while realizing the success and sales you deserve.

This program will arm professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools to: 

  • Drive sales through their personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Niche down to what they uniquely do best
  • Leverage their personal brand to create clarity and congruency in their offering

Best Audiences:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Corporations

Available Formats:

  • Keynote
  • Partial or Full Day Workshop

content creation for cowards


Social media is full of boring, generic content because it’s scary to stand out… especially on a platform that is full of smarty pants like LinkedIn. No one wants to be unprofessional or damage their reputation, so professionals either don’t create content or they create content that is as stimulating as watching paint dry.

Today, your content has to be smart, entertaining, and engaging to get attention in the noisy online world. Only then do you have a hope of transforming your content-building efforts into sales!

This program will arm professionals and entrepreneurs with tools to:

  • Confidently & congruently represent their brand through their content
  • Create stand-out thought leadership content that sticks
  • Craft a playbook for turning content into sales

Best Audiences:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Corporations

Available Formats:

  • Partial day workshop
  • Full day workshop


How to fearlessLY niche your brand

Why are we afraid to niche into our greatness? Staying in the comfort zone of what we do that is good is the easiest path to mediocrity, yet it is the path most professionals choose. It’s more comfortable than throwing a match over your shoulder, burning down what is mediocre so the only choice is to pave a better path forward. What if you could approach your career through the eyes of the entrepreneurial phoenix, burning down what you do that is good so you can build what you do that is great? Would you approach your career differently? 

Angela’s career as a dentist burned to the ground after she sustained a career-ending injury.  Her rise to reinvention found her building an empire of brands leveraging her unique skills. When the pandemic hit, she realized that by paving so many paths, she had been playing it safe because she was terrified to niche into her greatest skill. In doing so, she set herself up to only ever be good – she wanted to be great! She took the career-altering gamble and burned down the empire – selling off all but one of her brands – so she could niche into and master what she did uniquely best: teaching professionals to pivot leveraging their personal brand on LinkedIn. 

Angela’s grave mistake of being afraid to niche into what she did best is not unique: it is what repeatedly keeps professionals caged by mediocrity. But you didn’t become a professional to be mediocre, you became a professional to change the world of your clients. How differently would your career and life look if you took the phoenix’s mindset and burned down everything that wasn’t serving your path to niching into your greatness? How differently would you build your career if you were forced to start again? What obstacles would everything burning to the ground remove to niche into your mastery?

This program will arm professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools to:

  • remove the distractions of what you do well, so you can niche into what you do best
  • dig into what your personal brand represents in the world and become a master at conveying your masterful niched expertise
  • become an industry leader with the wisdom gleaned from your mastery

Best Audiences:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Corporations

Available Format:

  • Keynote 30-90 minutes
  • Partial day workshop
  • Full day workshop


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