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If you are ready to pivot to profitable entrepreneurship – working on your terms, scaling up your income, and scaling down your work hours – check out the Unleashing Influence educational programs.


live programs

If you are ready to pivot and want to ensure you will do it efficiently, intentionally and with as few mistakes as possible you will want to join a done with you LIVE program that guides you through a customized blueprint to creating a profitable pivot.


Challenges are a great way to impact your personal brand on LinkedIn. You will be fire-hosed with executable, macroscopic tactics to build your LinkedIn Playbook while you participate in your 5 day quest to level up your strategy.

do it yourself programs

For those wanting to go it alone and on your schedule, these programs are available on-demand. You will gain access to ready to execute tactics, templates, and how-to videos to get started on your own.

live programs

The "Prove It" Lab

Prove to yourself that your pivot is financially feasible (and make money garnering the proof)! 

The “Prove it!” Lab takes the risk out of pivoting from a secure corporate job to profitable entrepreneurship.   

Not only will you prove to yourself your pivot is possible, you will leverage your experience and expertise – no reinvention needed!

In The “Prove It!” Lab you will build and launch a viable PAID offer even if you have never been an entrepreneur, don’t have a large audience, an existing program or an extensive email list. 

You will learn a proven blueprint to:

  • set your entrepreneurial goal 
  • craft your offer to hit that goal
  • define your target audience who will buy your offer
  • leverage the right campaign to get sales

Whether you want to build a business, launch a challenge, drive sales, grow your email lists, or build out your social media community, The “Prove It!” Lab will give you the tools to prove your pivot concept in the marketplace while getting PAID to do it! 

The "Crack You Open" Personal Brand BootcamP

This two day intensive (limited to 5 new attendees) is for the professional who is ready to package your experience, expertise, and passion so you can start building your personal brand on LinkedIn by:

  • Leveraging your expertise, experience, passion and personality
  • Determining your claim to fame (aka niche) in your industry
  • Pin-pointing your brand archetypes and how to leverage them
  • Defining your super powers
  • Understanding your tone of voice and how to use it for congruency
  • Building your buyer personas and journey
  • Writing your brand story

These create clarity, intention, and direction for your brand so you can easily communicate to the marketplace how you change the world with what you know. 

In turn, this bootcamp will start you on the path to doing the work you love, with clients you love, earning more, working less, from anywhere in the world.

After the bootcamp you will have a one-hour private session with Dr. Angela Mulrooney to solidify your personal brand playbook.

The 90 day pivot accelerator

Our most popular program….

Burn away the opportunity distractions that come with entrepreneurship and instead get a real world MBA in 12 weeks that will have you turning a profit in months instead of years with your entrepreneurial endeavor.

You will be learning a tried and true blueprint to intentionally and efficiently:

  • Package your experience, expertise and passion so you are not reinventing yourself
  • Transform your credibility an as expert and thought leader in your industry
  • Craft a powerful and impactful personal brand that drives sales and exposure
  • Design a group program that changes clients’ lives consistently
  • Architect a predictable sales-driving machine
  • Acquire sales skills that never feel salesy
  • Captivate with impactful content
  • Build a streamlined business that is profitable out of the gate and easy to scale

By the end of the accelerator, you will have a business built out that empowers you to do only the work you love, with clients you love, while exponentially increasing your income per hour, while being able to work from anywhere in the world.

The badass entrepreneurs' club

After graduating from The 90 Day Pivot Accelerator, you have two choices: go it alone or join The Badass Entrepreneur’s Club.

The most successful graduates of the Accelerator join The Badass Entrepreneurs Club (only open to graduates) that educates and supports your on-going entrepreneurial endeavor through  development of advanced skills in:

  • Social media & marketing
  • Sales
  • Mindset for success
  • Business scaling tools

You will journey with fellow graduates who are like-minded, have the same drive and struggles who are determined to be successful and maximize their business education.

Do It Yourself programs

Captivate Your audience

When you speak to an audience, your job is to captivate –  whether you are creating content on social media, podcasting or speaking from the stage.

You’ve experienced speakers, content creators, and podcasters who captivate with their stories and knowledge while elevating you to another level in your own life.  

Learn lesser-known methods to drag your audience down the rabbit hole, leaving them permanently changed by your knowledge-share, while exposing them to new ideas that change their life with:

    • mindset for content creation
    • voice modulation
    • body movement
    • space leveraging
    • choreographing content

This is for emerging and experienced content creators, thought leaders, and speakers who are ready to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

linkedin level up - a crash course

    LinkedIn is no longer just a job search platform, it is a powerful B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer) platform that can help you organically and dramatically increase sales. In this course you will learn how to:
    • Craft your brand story
    • Curate an engaged audience
    • Become a thought leader
    • Create brand congruency through your dominant brand archetype
    • Expertly maximize the LinkedIn Platform

This is great for the emerging thought leader wanting to efficiently leverage the LinkedIn platform quickly.

$97 Challenges

level up challenge

Tired of feeling like LinkedIn doesn’t work for you? Then, it’s time to level up your personal brand strategy!

Join the next $97 Level Up Challenge where you will learn to:

  • pick your profitable niche
  • craft thought-provoking content
  • attract your ideal clients
  • build your business machine
  • create an offer that drives sales
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