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LINKEDIN level up

If your clients are fellow businesses or professionals, LinkedIn is where you need to be.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform on which to build your personal brand to drive sales as an expert in your industry.

To stand out on this busy platform, you have to clearly package who you are and what you do by unleashing influence through your personal brand.

Personal brand-building is not about perfection – it’s about humanizing your offering to clients and referrers for your expertise while supporting it with what your expertise is masterfully niched into.

Where can you start your LinkedIn Personal Branding journey?

In this do-it-yourself course, you will learn how to:

  • Implement your brand archetype to humanize your brand while creating a congruent through-line for everything you do
  • Develop your personal brand story to package why you started on your current path, why you are still here and where you want to go
  • Curate your ideal audience to connect with ideal clients and referrers
  • Create thought leadership content that is easy to consume, engages your audience, and is aligned with your professional path
  • Optimize your use of LinkedIn with the nuts & bolts of  profile optimization, hashtag choice, and engagement maximization

Ready to level up your personal brand on LinkedIn to get noticed for your expertise?


Creating smart thought-leadership content is not enough to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn.

You have to captivate your audience to gain and maintain attention on this information-overloaded platform. 


You bring the expertise, I’ll teach you to captivate!

In this do-it-yourself course, you will learn skills for content-creation, podcast appearances, and speaking from the stage which help you:

  • Draw the audience into your message through elevated charisma & energy
  • Comfortably use your physical body to tell the story beyond just your words
  • Create vocal dexterity that conveys emotion & keeps your audience listening to the end

Ready to start captivating your audience to create a stand-out personal brand that drive sales?

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