Clients Buy What they understand.

Clients Buy What they respect.

What if CLIENTS didn't need convincing?

Instead, CLIENTS just signed on the dotted line? That’s the power of creating a congruent personal brand.

90 DAY
Unleashing Influence

This 90 day intensive gives you everything you need to package yourself clearly, pivot with intention to your new offering, and craft a profitable business.

It starts with a one-on-one “Crack You Open” branding session with me to deep dive into how you operate in the world, how you are perceived by others, and the talents you want to use in your offering. 

I help you determine your claim to fame (aka niche) in your industry supported by your brand archetype dimensions, professional super powers, core messaging, and buyer personas. 

I will also uncover your story so it clearly communicates why you do what you do, how you change the world, and has buyers seeing themselves in it so they know you are the professional they need to work with. 

Then, you join a group of like-minded, driven professionals ready to pivot alongside you. In 12 weeks I will give you an unforgettable, easy to implement education in:

  • thought leadership content that drives sales
  • captivation training to create content that entertains & educates
  • LinkedIn, podcast, and speaking engagement outreach
  • automated hunting for new leads to drives ideal leads to a call
  • SOPs to organize your business and track the science of success
  • congruency across social media platforms and client interactions
  • crafting an offer so ideal clients so they know you are the ONLY choice

This intensive will give you an education in thought leadership, brand clarity & congruency and catapult your company’s growth in the most streamlined and intentional way possible! 


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