Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Speaker, best-selling Author & Thought Leader in PIVOTING THROUGH PERSONAL BRANDS ON LINKEDIN

I am The Arsonist – I empower professionals to burn away the “shoulds” holding you back from your dream life… A life doing work you love, with clients you love, earning more, working less –  from anywhere in the world.

I have been an entrepreneur for 15 years & built 4 successful companies:

A referral-based dental clinic at 28.

A professional dance company at 33.

A business coaching company for dentists at 36.

A social media agency at 38 that morphed into what I do now…

Teaching professionals to:

  • pivot to entrepreneurship
  • leverage your experience & expertise
  • build online masterminds
  • do work you love, with clients you love
  • work far less & earn far more – from any location you choose.

Most professionals won’t pivot from the safety of traditional work, instead, internalizing the “shoulds” of others, “You should stay on this path as you’ve put so much work into it already.”

Buying into this is the fast track to a life of “what ifs?” and regret.

What if you could live life on your own terms instead?

When the pandemic hit, I was subscribed to the “shoulds” of the entrepreneurial rat race – speaking in a different city every week, running three disparate companies, and working 100 hours per week.

I dreamed of waking up to a warm tropical breeze, hopping on a motorcycle to surf at sunrise. 

I dreamed of working a few hours per day, spending the rest of it outside, enjoying the beauty of the jungle.

It seemed an impossible dream until I realized, anything is possible – I could burn away the “shoulds” holding me back from the life I desired. 

I put my home on the market, sold 1 of my 3 companies, and hired more team members into my remaining 2 companies.

I booked a flight to Nicaragua to start my new life.

The first morning I woke up in the tropics, I couldn’t believe my dream had come true.

But, A few months in, I was back to my old ways – working 100 hours a week.

So, I sought out buyer for one company and for the agency part of my other and stopped trading time for money.

With just the work I did left in the one company, I niched into the work I loved, working a few hours per day on zoom.

Soon, I was working with the exact clients I had dreamed of and earning more than I had when I was a dentist.

Everything you want in life is possible – no matter your professional background, your current circumstances, or geographic location. 

You can be the arsonist in your own life – burning down the “shoulds” holding you back from your dream life.

If you are ready to design your life to work on your own terms, set up a call.


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